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December 12, 2012

Executive Summary

The Interbull Steering Committee (SC) has reviewed the current state of development of the international evaluation of genomic breeding values (GMACE) in a conference call on December 10, 2012. The main discussion points and decisions are summarized in this document.

ITC Recommendations

Most of the technical issues from the Cork meeting were addressed by the GMACE working group and the recommendations from the ITC that have been endorsed by the SC are:

  1. The GMACE implementation tested in the September 2012 test run is considered technically sound and should be adopted in the following test run aiming for implementation in 2013.
  2. Results from the next test run should be available to the countries as early as possible to allow a good communication with the national industries.
  3. Progeny of genomically proven sires (without a MACE EBV) should be included in GMACE for GEBV prediction.
  4. A working group to develop a standard genomic reliability estimation procedure should be formed in the January 2013 SC meeting.

Strategic planning workshop

The Strategic planning meeting will involve the members of the SC, SAC and ICAR board and will take place in Uppsala, Monday January 7 and Tuesday January 8. Dr. Jarmo Juga, from University of Helsinki, will act as the facilitator.

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