File 711

for uploading of genotypes sharing permission in GenoEx-GDE database.

Download the word version here

711 format

Field Name



Record Type 1

alphanumeric 3


Animal ID 2 - Breed Code 3

character 3


Animal ID - Nation Code 4

character 3 (with the exception of 840)


Animal ID - Sex Code

character 1


Animal ID - Registration

alphanumeric 12



alphanumeric 36

assigned automatically by program

Shareable with organization(s) 7

character, repeatable


  1. Record type is always 711 for this File Format
  2. Please see Interbull Bulletin 28. Each file can only contain any given animal in one row.
  3. Breed of animal (3 characters, capital letters)
  4. ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes (3 characters)
  5. UUID, used as reference to every uploaded genotype sequence in the 706 file. Additional information about generation of UUID can be found at

  6. Comma-separated list of zero or more organizations that should be allowed to download the associated genotype

711 example


711 upload

In order to upload sharing permissions to GenoEx-GDE database, the file in 711 format has to be zipped. Zip format is the only one accepted by GenoEx-GDE database for the upload. Zip file can be created using the support program as described here: (#zip_example) If the User creates the zip file without using the support program, please make sure that the file containing sharing permissions in 711 format and compressed in the zip archive has name 711_file.csv.

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