AI Artificial Insemination

AM Animal Model

AYS Ayrshire type

B&W Black and White

BLUP Best Linear Unbiased Prediction

BSW Brown Swiss type

BW Breeding Worth

c Environmental correlation between records within sub-classes

CE Calving Ease

CG Contemporary group, comparison group

DIM Days In Milk

DO Days Open

DYD Daughter Yield Deviation

EBV Estimated Breeding Value

EPD Expected Progeny Difference

ET Embryo Transfer

ETA Estimated Transmitting Ability

F Fixed effect

FCM Fat Corrected Milk

FR Fixed Regression

GUE Guernsey type

h2 Heritability of a trait

HOL Holstein-Friesian (Black-and-white) type

HYS Herd-Year-Season

JER Jersey type

Kg Kilogram

l Liter

lb pounds

ME Mature Equivalent, records are adjusted to mature cow yield basis

MGS Maternal Grand Sire

ML Multiple lactations

MSH Milking Shorthorn type

MT Multiple Traits

NS Natural Service

PD Predicted Difference

PE Permanent Environment

PIN Pinzgauer type

PL Productive Life

PTA Predicted Transmitting Ability

R Random effect

RP Repeatability (model)

R&W Red and White

RBV Relative Breeding Value

RED Non-Ayrshire Red and Red-and-White type

REL Reliability/Repeatability of a sire proof, given either in the scale between 0 and 1 or as percentage

REML Restricted Maximum Likelihood

rg Genetic correlation

rp Phenotypic correlation

RR Random regression

SCC Somatic Cell Count

SCS Somatic Cell Score

SD Standard Deviation

SIM Simmental type

SM Sire Model

SNF Solids-Not-Fat

SS Single Step

ST Single Trait

t Repeatability of trait

TD Test Day

TDM Test Day Model

TMI Total Merit Index

TPr True Protein, 0.95*(crude protein)

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