January 17, 2017

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Executive Summary November- December 2016

November - December 2016

During November and December 2016 a number of Interbull meetings (eg Interbull-ICAR TF, GenoEx-PSE etc.) were held and summarised at an Interbull Steering Committee meeting held by conference call on 14 December 2016. A summary of the relevant information and Steering Committee decisions is presented in this document.

Interbull Governance

Steering Committee membership

Following the earlier announcement that Enrico Santus has been re-elected as member of the Interbull Steering Committee (SC) until 2020, we’d like to inform you that Matthew Shaffer - Chief Executive Officer of DataGene, Australia - will take over Daniel Abernethy’s SC membership as the representative for Oceania until the end of the current term (2017). Daniel has been a valued SC member since 2013, being a proponent of strong Interbull governance, but recently left his role in charge of the genetic evaluations in Australia. We like to thank Daniel for his contributions and welcome Matthew to the SC. The ICAR board endorsed both candidates during its November 2016 meeting.

ISO 9001 Certification

On 7 December 2016, the Interbull Centre underwent its first surveillance audit in relation to its SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 certification:

  1. Interbeef evaluations are now included in the ISO certifications - in addition to MACE and GMACE services.
  2. No non-conformities were raised.

Additional information:

2017 Interbull Technical Workshop, Committee meetings and InterGenomics meetings

Over 60 people have registered for the Interbull Technical Workshop and satellite meetings in Ljubljana Slovenia (6-8 February 2017). Aimed at technical staff at Interbull Service Users and researchers in the Interbull community, the workshop addresses the following themes:

  1. Adapt MACE to genomic selection
    1. Keep validation tests up to date
    2. Single-step evaluations
  2. International SNP model
  3. R&D Network supporting Interbull services.

For the latest details visit: www.interbull.org/ib/2017_technical_workshop.

Interbull Annual Meetings

The proceedings of the 2016 Interbull Annual Meetings in Puerto Varas, Chile are available through Interbull Bulleting (Issue 50): https://journal.interbull.org/index.php/ib/index.

25-28 August 2017; Tallinn, Estonia (with EAAP – www.eaap2017.org).

10-12 February 2018; Auckland, NZ (with ICAR & WCGALP - (http://wcgalp.com/wcgalp18).

June 2019: Cincinnati, Ohio, (with ADSA - www.adsa.org/Meetings/ADSAMeetings.aspx).

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