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Executive Summary September - December 2017

21 December 2017

This document contains a summary of the relevant information and decisions of various meetings and projects during September-December 2017.

SLU Honorary Doctor: Larry Schaeffer

At the 2017 promotional celebrations at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Professor Larry Schaeffer was appointed as Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. This honorary title is awarded to someone who has made outstanding scientific efforts for the university, where the Interbull Centre is housed. Ever since its first International Evaluation in 1995, Interbull uses Professor Larry Schaeffer’s method known as Multi-Trait Across Country Evaluation (MACE) to calculate International Genetic Evaluations.

The Interbull “Hall of Fame” includes an impression with photos and video links of his Honorary Doctoral Lecture ‘A story of Genetics’, the promotional ceremony, celebratory dinner in Uppsala Castle and meetings and lectures with the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, and the Interbull Centre, which all took place between 5 and 12 October 2017.

Development of New Services

Mendelian Sampling Test

During its most recent meeting on 13 December 2017, the Interbull Steering Committee has decided that:

We aim to review/discuss MS test results in the Interbull Workshop in August 2018. Any countries interested in testing their evaluations with the Mendelian Sampling Test are therefore encouraged to do so by the end of March 2018.

ICAR Accreditation of DNA Data Interpretation Centres

The Interbull Centre has started to process the first applications for ICAR Parentage Verification Accreditation of DNA Data Interpretation Centres. Further information is available from the ICAR website: www.icar.org/index.php/certifications/launch-of-two-new-dna-based-services. The latest information on GenoEx-PSE will become available in 2018.


We continue to develop the InterGenomics-Holstein service. The next pilot run will be held in May 2018, with the intention to perform test and routine runs in September and December 2018, respectively. If you are interested in joining this new service, please contact the Interbull Centre for further details.


The feasibility study on the ‘SNPMace’ model (a new approach to combine SNP solutions across countries and breeds) was started with a kick-off meeting in November 2017. SNPMace potentially provides a good way to integrate foreign information into national genomic models. The ‘main’ project, funded by Interbull, and making use of Brown Swiss data (as a case study) is due to start in January 2018.

Upcoming Interbull Meetings

Interbull Annual Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand: 10-12 February 2018

The latest information on the 2018 Interbull Annual Meeting will be available on www.interbull.org/ib/2018_annual_meeting, including detailed information on the programme of the Interbull Open Meeting. Registration is still possible on www.icar2018.nz and www.wcgalp.com/wcgalp18.

Joint Interbull-ADSA Symposium at the ADSA meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA:

24-27 June 2018

ADSA and Interbull are jointly organising a Symposium on “Phenotyping and genetics in the New Era of sensor data from automation”. The Symposium on 27 June 2018 is designed for scientists and students with an interest in genetic/genomic evaluations and breeding programs, and making use of new data collected automatically on individual animals and their environment.

Once more details are known, they will be made available on www.adsa.org/2018/program

2018 Interbull Technical Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia: 25 and 26 August 2018

During the Interbull Technical Workshop in Dubrovnik we will focus on the development of Interbull Services such as SNPMace, Mendelian Sampling Test and InterGenomics-Holstein.

Joint Interbull-EAAP session at the EAAP meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia: 27-31 August 2018

EAAP and Interbull will once again organise joint sessions on the first day of EAAP:

See www.eaap2018.org for further details.

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