General information

A Python program called will check the 300-MACE/700-GMACE proof file format and the associated 301-MACE/701-GMACE parameter file for format correctness, as described in the IDEA EBV User Manual AppendixI Appendix II. The program prepares a zip file, for conventional MACE and for GMACE,if no errors are found in the file.

The zip file contains the input proof and parameter files, renamed to proof.dat and param.dat, respectively. The program requires access to the internet and specifically to few functions/pages in the IDEA web application. Firstly, in order to ensure that the user has the most recent version of the software, the program checks its internal version with the version stored on the Interbull server. If there is a mismatch in versions, a message is printed and the program exits and the program must be re downloaded. Lists of valid orgcode’s and breed-pop-trait combinations for which the user’s organization has EBV upload authority are also obtained from the IDEA web application. If errors occur they are listed to the screen and no zip file is created. The zip file represents your checked data file to upload to the Interbull Centre IDEA database ( For technical reason the program rejects files containing more than a million of data.

One zip file may contain records for as many or few brd-pop-trt combinations as desired. All traits in a trait group can be put in the same file, as they have in the past, but this is not essential. There is also an option to upload evaluations for all breeds, populations and traits in a single file if that is more convenient. Every proof file must be accompanied by a parameter file and each record in the proof file must have associated information for a single brd-pop-trt combination in the parameterfile. Extra records present in the parameter file will simply be ignored. This allows users to maintain a single parameter file to be submitted with several proof files, if desired. A proof/parameter file may contain only conventional (300/301) or only GEBV (700/701) records, not both. will fail if both record types are found in one file. When checking the proof file only the first 10 errors of each type are listed.

It is essential that proof records for all bulls are included in the same file for any one brd-pop-trt combination whether the dataset is a first submission for the IGE run in question, or a re-submission with some problems corrected. When new data are uploaded for any combination, all records present in IDEA for that combination are deleted prior to loading the new records. Thus, it is not acceptable to submit a partial data-set in order to correct the evaluations of some subset of bulls. If no errors are found, a zip file is created with the name ( containing the input proof and parameter files.

Before Running the Programs

The Program

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