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GEBVtest Software

The GEBV test is a validation procedure described in the Interbull Code of Practice, Appendix VIII.

This software consists of a program ( and utility module used by those programs ( program will perform the GEBV validation tests for all traits for one breed and population and then create a zip file with the input and output files, ready for submission to the Interbull Centre.

Installation and testing

The programs have been tested under Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2. As a minimum you will need to have these extra python modules installed on your system: NumPy and, just for Python 2.6, argparse.

Download the attached file.

Create a working directory and unzip the zip file in that directory. Two subdirectories will be created, programs and sample data. Typing

from a command line prompt, from within the programs directory, should print a brief help message if the installation has been successful.

Some sample data for breed HOL and population ABC are available in the sample_data directory. The program can be run from the programs directory as follows:

python -v -m hol abc ../sample_data

In this example data, parameters and output are all in the sample_data directory. Files can be read from other locations and output written to other locations as well. Please see the following sections for further information.

The outputs should match those in the source zip file.

Program - User Manual

Information about the program

The program performs the GEBV validation tests for one breed-population combination, for all traits. At the end of the program a zip file is created with the input files and the result file, ready for submission to the ITBC. The ITBC will perform some additional data checks and re-run the program to check the results. The result file is a new file735 format file, which is a modification and extension of the previous file731 format file.

Input files:

  • traits - GEBV test options file(Format: traits)

  • file300Cf - national official genetic evaluations written in trait-independent format (Format: File300)

  • file300Df - daughter deviation file written in trait-independent format

  • file300Cr - reduced conventional genetic evaluation file written in trait-independent format

  • file300Gr - reduced genomic evaluation file written in trait-independent format

  • file736 - file with birth dates (Format: File736)

Running the program

The program should be run from within the programs directory. Typing

python --help

will give a summary of the program usage:

usage: [-h] [-v] [-m] [-M MERGEDIR] [-Z] [-C] brd pop datadir

positional arguments:
  brd                   evaluation breed code (BSW/GUE/JER/HOL/RDC/SIM)
  pop                   population code (same as country code except for
  datadir               absolute or relative path to data files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity
  -m, --mergefiles      write merged data files (for independent data checks)
  -M MERGEDIR, --mergedir MERGEDIR
                        absolute or relative path for merged data files
  -Z, --no-zip          do not create a zip file (eg. for preliminary testing
                        or usage at ITBC)
  -C, --cleanup         delete all files successfully added to the zip file

More detail on the -m --mergefiles options is available here.

Output files

  • file735 - results from the GEBV test for all traits tested (Format: File735) (Example)

  • gebvtest_log - summary of the calculations (Example)

  • Submission zip file - generates a zip file including all input and output files which should be sent to the Interbull Centre as the official data submission for the GEBV test. The zip file will be named, where YY and MM are year and month of test date, POP is the population code and BRD is the breed code.

GEBV test data submission

Interbull customers willing to participate in the GEBV test must send to the Interbull Centre the following files to :


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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