March 10, 2017

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Executive Summary January- February 2017

January-February, 2017

Mexico the latest country to join Interbull

We welcome “Asociación Holstein de México”, which passed the validation tests in January 2017, as the latest country to join Interbull. Production traits of Holstein cattle from Mexico will be included in the April 2017 Routine Run. Holstein MACE now comprises 32 populations.

2017 Interbull Technical Workshop

Over 70 people participated in the Interbull Technical Workshop and satellite meetings in Ljubljana Slovenia (6-8 February 2017), during which the following themes were addressed:

  1. Adapt MACE to genomic selection
    1. Keep validation tests up to date
    2. Single-step evaluations
  2. International SNP model
  3. R&D Network supporting Interbull services.

Presentations are available on: www.interbull.org/ib/2017_technical_workshop. Interbull Committees and Interbull Centre Staff are working on the follow up of these topics, and they will be addressed again in the upcoming Interbull Annual Meetings in Tallinn and Auckland.

InterGenomics-Brown Swiss

Valentina Palucci and Joanna Sendecka have joined Hossein Jorjani to provide the InterGenomics-Brown Swiss services. Joanna will provide assistance with the genotype exchange, while Valentina will concentrate on the implementation of InterGenomics 2.0 (addressing quality).


Many of Interbull’s current customers from Holstein populations involved in MACE asked for an investigation, how the InterGenomics model could be used by the Interbull Centre to provide services required for genomic selection to these countries. A workshop was organised in Ljubljana and considerable interest was expressed. Now Interbull Steering Committee and Interbull Centre continue to investigate how such a service can be implemented. The next meeting will take place in August 2017 in Tallinn.

2018 Interbull Service Calendar

The 2018 Service Calendar for dairy evaluations is available: www.interbull.org/ib/servicecalendar.

2017 Interbull Annual Meeting in Tallinn

Registration for the 2017 Interbull Annual Meeting in Tallinn is open (https://eaap2017.org/interbull/). Themes for the Interbull Open meetings will be announced in due course (www.interbull.org/ib/2017_interbull_meeting).

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